Elgin Meadery is a family-owned and operated micro-meadery in Elgin Texas. Although we are inspired by ancient and medieval traditions, we bring a modern interpretation of this honey-based beverage to you. We believe that mead should reflect the flora of the region in which it is produced and, with the exception of rare varietal honeys, we are committed to using local Texas honey to make our meads.  We take pride in producing balanced meads in ridiculously small batches that either capture the delicate flavors and aromas of honey or utilize honey to provide a unique and complementary backbone to rich fruit, herbal, or spiced meads. We constantly strive to improve our product and view the mead making process as one in which each batch is an improvement upon its predecessor. We always welcome your input. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime.


Meadery Visiting Hours:

At this time we do not hold regular hours. If you would like to visit for a tour and tasting please contact us to make an appointment. The meadery is available for appointments Thursday-Sunday 3 pm to 6 pm. Please use  the following link to book a visit:

Due to the extremely small size of our tasting room we are only able to accommodate up to two guests at a time.

We’d love to hear from you! Please send us a note or comment and we’ll reply promptly.

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