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Elgin Meadery

Elgin Meadery is a family owned and operated micro mead winery in the heart of Elgin Texas, just 25 miles east of downtown Austin.

109 Central Avenue Elgin Texas, 78621

Phone: (512)  285 - 6461

Looking across the Elgin Meadery tasting room bar and tap.

Stop by for a glass, bottle or tasting!


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Thursday - Friday,  4:00 - 8:00 pm 

Saturday,  2:00 - 8:00 pm

Sunday,  2:00 - 7:00 pm

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A glass of Elgin mead sitting on the bar at Elgin Meadery.
Tastng Room

Elgin Mead

Hand Crafted | Locally Sourced

Inspired by ancient and medieval traditions, we bring a modern interpretation of honey wine to you! If you love wine, seek new flavor adventures, or are simply looking for a sustainable, paleo-friendly, or gluten-free alternative to beer, it's time to try mead! Wine made from honey.


At Elgin Meadery we craft balanced traditional meads in small batches that capture the delicate flavors and aromas of Texas honey and provide a unique and complementary backbone to our fruit, herbal, spiced, and barrel aged meads. 

Please enjoy this modern revival of the worlds oldest drink!

3 bottles of mead from Elgin Meadery. Raspberry mead, pear mead, and black currant mead.
Hhoney bee metal sign for Elgin Meadery.

Featured Meads

Award Winning Mead 

Cherry Nice to Meet You won the Silver Medal in the Other Fruit category at the Texas Mead Cup 2023.

Cyser Aromatis, our apple cinnamon mead, won the Gold Medal in the Specialty Mead Category at the Texas Mead Cup in 2022. 

Red Nectaris won the Gold Medal at the Texas International Wine Competition in 2021.

Strawberry Vanilleus won the Silver Medal for Best Flavored Mead at the Texas International Wine Competition in 2021. 


Intricatus won the Gold Medal in the Experimental Category at the Texas Mead Cup in 2019. Intricatus is made from local guajillo honey and aged in oak bourbon barrels.

Learn more about mead, or check out our exceptional seasonal flavor varieties. 


Award winning mead. Golden bourbon barrel aged traditional. Intricatus, Elgin mead.
Save the Bees Drink Mead
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