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Elgin Meadery Logo. A bee, flowers, Texas Star and goblet, and crossed honey wands.

Elgin Mead

Inspired by ancient and medieval traditions, we bring a modern interpretation of honey wine to you!

If you love wine, seek new flavor adventures, or are simply looking for a sustainable, paleo-friendly, or gluten-free alcoholic beverage, it's time to try mead! Wine made from honey. Although honey is sticky sweet, mead doesn't have to be. Meads range from dry to sweet ensuring there is a perfect mead for every palate.

Our traditional meads are crafted to capture the delicate flavors and aromas of honey and provide a unique and complementary backbone to our fruit, herbal, and spiced meads. We believe that mead should reflect the flora of it's native region, and are committed to using local Texas honeys to make our meads. 

Please enjoy this modern revival of the worlds oldest drink!

Three bottles of Elgin Mead. In front, Black Lupulus. Left: Persicum Apricotus, Right: Red Nectaris.
Bottles of golden Elgin Meads on a wine rack.

Tasting Room

Temporarily Closed 

We are currently in the process of moving to a new location in downtown Elgin!


Unfortunately we are not taking new reservations at this time.

All reservations already on the books will be honored at our current establishment. 

(512) 771 0248


We expect to open the new venue in early September. The exact date of our grand opening will be announced in the coming weeks on social.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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A bottle of  mead sits on a bar top with a gold medal around the neck. Bourbon barrel aged mead.

Award Winning Mead

Intricatus is a semi-sweet mead crafted from guajillo honey harvested in central Texas.  It won the gold medal in the Experimental Category at the Texas Mead Cup in 2019.


Aged in oak bourbon barrels, Intricatus opens with a vanilla bourbon profile, and has underlying but still assertive fruity notes which give way to hints of caramel and white oak.  

Learn more about Elgin Meadery, or check out our exceptional seasonal varieties. 

Featured Meads

Our most popular mead, Black Lupulus is back in stock! Please enjoy this citra hopped black currant melomel with strong notes of citrus. Our semi-sweet peach apricot summer mead, Persicum Apricotus is also now available!

Where to Buy Mead - Austin Texas Area  

Texas Farmers Markets

Elgin Meadery frequents the following Farmers Markets in Austin Texas area:

Check our Facebook to verify where Elgin mead will be sold next, and stay up to date on discounts, special offers, charitable events and more! We hope to see you out there!

The Meadery

​Elgin mead can be purchased directly from the meadery at 806 N. Avenue H, Elgin TX 78621. Elgin is located 25 miles east of downtown Austin TX. Call 512-771-0248 to place an order for curb-side pick-up. We look forward to hearing from you!

Round Elgin Meadery Logo. In the center: crossed honey wands, a bee, a flower, a star, and a goblet.

Shipping is available to the following States and DC. 

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