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Experience the diverse and exceptional flavors of Texas honey wine with our traditional, spiced, fruity and barrel aged meads.  Not sure which mead is right for you? Please check out our mead flavor guide.

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Is your favorite variety of Elgin Mead sold out?!

Due to our commitment to locally sourced ingredients, many of our meads are seasonal releases and only available for a limited time. To find out when to expect your favorite mead to be back in stock, check out our full list of seasonal meads. We announce new batch releases on Facebook and Instagram, so follow along and don't miss out before they sell out! 

Mead Flavor Guide

Dry Meads

Botanicus - botanical metheglin

Pirumel - pear melomel

Semi-Sweet Meads

Intricitus - bourbon barrel aged traditional

Aromatis - barrel aged spiced metheglin

Persicum Apricotus - apricot melomel

Black Lupulus - black currant, citra hops

Sweet Meads

Black Nectaris - blackberry melomel

Red Nectaris - raspberry melomel

Cyser Aromatis - apple cinnamon

Acanos - thistle blossom, wildflower

Traditional - pure honey wine mead

Traditional mead is wine made from honey. It contains only honey water and yeast. 

Melomel meads are honey wines crafted with fruit.

Cyser is a type of  melomel, specifically made with apples.

Metheglin meads are crafted with spices and/or herbs. 

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Types of Mead