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Save the Bees, Drink Mead

Our Story

Save the Bees, Drink Mead

At Elgin Meadery, we believe in the ecological benefit of locally sourced ingredients and take pride in crafting a sustainable product that represents our local region, and serves to help preserve our eco system.

As you may know, the honey bee population has been in rapid decline over the past decades. This has lead to a loss of plant life and failing crops from lack of bee pollination. As a result, there has been an increase in beekeeping and restorative agriculture practices that utilize bees to revitalize regions. The byproduct of this is honey. With the bee population dwindling, and the need for beekeepers desperately rising, demand for honey from the mead industry provides greater profitability and sustainability to the ecologically essential practice of beekeeping. Making mead helps save the bees, which in turn, helps save our ecosystem and crops.

Three images. Image one: Micah in a beekeeping suit, tending to bees. Image two: Micah and Michelle in the mead making room at the meadery. Image three: Micah Erwin pouring a glass of mead.
Elgin Meadery Founders, Mr. and Mrs. Eriwn

Meet the Founders

Elgin Meadery was founded in 2017 and is owned and operated by Micah and Michelle Erwin in the heart of Elgin Texas. They have shared a passion for quality locally sourced food and are committed to staying connected to, and supporting local food systems. Micah is the man behind the mead, and runs day to day operations. Michelle works at the Health and Human Services Commission of Texas and brings her many years of experience in leadership to the business. Micah's many years of archiving medieval manuscripts and historical research ignited his passion for mead. From ancient techniques to modern methods, Micah brings years of expertise, unique knowledge and creativity to the mead making process.

Commitment to Charity

Elgin Meadery has donated up to 100% of proceeds from select batches to the Austin Justice Coalition, Meals On Wheels, Elgin Community Cupboard and We will continue to support these important charities, and more in the future.  Charity events are announced on Facebook and Instagram, so follow along and don’t miss an opportunity to combine your love of mead with a charitable donation.

Commitment to Charity

Keep Up With Elgin

Follow Elgin Meadery on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on:

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We constantly strive to improve our product and view the mead making process as one in which each batch is an improvement upon its predecessor. 

We always welcome your input. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime! Cheers!

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